"With children who are born deaf, early intervention to maximize language development is critical. In my experience, Signing Exact English (SEE) was what teachers and my parents used to communicate with me almost from the beginning.It helped supplement my reading exposure and benefited my academic abilities. Yes, there are other excellent options available to parents and their newborn deaf babies such as ASL to successfully facilitate communication and language, but I can only speak from my own experience growing up. There is no "right" or "wrong" here. SEE is what happened to work for me and I'm grateful that it did."

Dr. Max Ryser

"I passed! I'm so excited to reach this milestone!"

I am so thankful to you all at the SEE Center for your feedback and workshops you offer. Both the feedback and workshops have proven very useful. I reviewed my feedback carefully and worked to incorporate it in my interpreting. Looks like worked! I also appreciate the positive, low stress, and open minded environment you foster with feedback and workshops. It helps ease the testing process. Thanks so much!

Sylvia O